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Safety Tips:


If you are in any emergency, please dial 911.

South Lake Tahoe Support Numbers:

  • South Lake Tahoe Non-Emergency Fire and Medical Services: 530-542-6160

  • South Lake Tahoe Non-Emergency - Report a Crime or Talk to an Officer: 530-542-6100

North Lake Tahoe:

  • North Lake Tahoe Non-Emergency Fire and Medical Services: 775-831-0351

  • North Lake Tahoe Non-Emergency - Report a Crime or Talk to an Officer: 530-581-6300

U.S. State Department J1 Visa Emergency Hotline: 866-283-9090

Police Officers in the U.S.:

Please do not be afraid to approach a police office and ask for help. Police officers are public servants and can be trusted. They will not ask you for money or any form of payment. If you are lost or have any concerns, do not hesitate to ask for directions or their assistance. 

General Safety Tips: 

  • Let a friend know where you are going and when you are supposed to be back OR try the buddy system.

  • Make sure to look both ways when crossing the street. Look, left, look right, look left and then cross. 

  • Pay attention to street signals. At a street light before crossing, make sure the signal is a walking person and not the orange flashing hand. 

  • Wear a helmet if you are biking, skiing, snowboarding, etc. 

  • By law, you must wear a seat belt in the USA.

  • Do NOT drink and drive! 

  • Please remember to contact your sponsor if you need any additional assistance. We are here for you! 

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