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Tips for Securing Housing:

  • Do your research! We recommend trying to secure housing prior to your arrival. If you are not able to, then find housing for a minimum of 1 week starting the day you arrive.

  • Click here for important information on scams. Be especially alert when looking on Craigslist, Facebook or Airbnb.

  • If you are in the USA, schedule a tour of the location and go with a friend.

  • Sign a lease and keep a copy of it as well as any receipts that you receive. 

  • Do not overcrowd an apartment. The usual rule is two people per 1 bedroom apartment.

  • Do not give your keys to anyone - keep them to yourself.

  • Keep your doors locked at all times.

  • Work with others to secure housing.

  • Contact your employer and sponsor if there is a problem with your housing.

  • Make sure that you are able to walk to a bus stop, or that you have you have reliable transportation from your housing location to your employment location. 

  • If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to your sponsor for any further assistance. 

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